Made in Alabama was conceived to showcase the musical talents which are so abundant in our state. Over 50 Alabama songwriters, muscians and professionals contributed to, and collaborated on, this project.

THE PLAYERS - On This Project

Lead Vocals - Tony Lumpkin

Background Vocals - Paula Leverton, Benny Leverton, Larry Davis, Dennis Gulley, Tony Lumpkin and The Morrison Sisters (Kim, Kim Too and Kim Again)

Drums - Chuck Tilley - Percussion - Matt Kimbrell

Bass - John Jackson

Guitars - Ross Roberts, Tim Boykin, Larry Sivley, Benny Leverton

Keyboards - Ray Reach, Larry Davis (Money No Good) and Johnny Neel (He'll Take Care of You)

Horns - Mike Lingo, Rick White and John Remley

Harp (Mississippi Saxophone) - Bruce Andrews

Saxophone solo (When I Come To you) - "Blue Lou" Marini is the only player who is not an Alabamian. He is from New York BUT we did force him to eat pickled pig's feet and a pickled egg before we let him play on the project.

Produced by Tony Lumpkin and Ross Roberts.

Tracks recorded analog at Audio 55 in Birmingham, AL and were arranged by Ray Reach and engineered by J. M. Cifonie and Ben Trexel.

Overdubs were recorded at Ross Roberts' Studio in Chelsea, AL with final mix and mastering at Stillbrook Recording Studio, in Ft. Payne, AL where it was engineered by Maurey Roberts and mastered by Dennis Gulley. Special thanks to Ron Seawright of SkyTone Records and Stillbrook Studios.

Other Players musicians are:
Guitar: David Chappell
Bass: Kevin Dodd, Mickey Nunn
Drumss: Kerry Dodd, David Green

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Made in Alabama - Song List
Click to Play Everybody Needs Love
Eddie Hinton, 3rd Verse by Will Thomas
Click to Play When I Come To You
Jonny Lang, Dennis Morgan
Click to Play Just Dropped In
Mickey Newberry
Click to Play He'll Take Care Of You
Donnie Fritts, Dan Penn, Spooner Oldham
Click to Play Hold On
Sam Porter, Dave Moore
Click to Play Money No Good
Wayne Perkins
Click to Play Ten Foot Pole
Eddie Hinton, Donnie Fritts
Click to Play I'll Sing Da Blues
Adapted from Jonny Lang's "There's Gotta Be A Change" by Tony Lumpkin
Click to Play You Know How Women Are
J. Fred Knobloch
Click to Play Gospel Train
Jim Coleman
Click to Play Dixie
Adapted From J. Fred Knobloch's "Three Verses" by Tony Lumpkin
Click to Play Made In Alabama (impromptu jam)
Tony Lumpkin and Players
Click to Play Players
Writter Unknown, Adapted by Tony Lumpkin

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